Finally, all of the financial products consumers need - at the LOWEST FEES possible. Money Transfer Kiosks empower the consumer to do more for far less. Our AdServe and Narrowcast platforms generate real revenue for you the merchant - while keeping fees low for the consumer.

With your purchase of a Money Transfer Kiosk, you will receive double the percentage of all net revenue generated from Narrowcast, AdServe, and Financial Services. You no longer have to load large sums of cash in your store to facilitate check cashing and money transfer services. You will be seen by your community as the facilitator of the lowest fees possible on a full range of services - including check cashing, money transfer, prepaid debit cards, bill pay, and so much more. You will drive new customers from competitors and increase in-store product sales. You will have higher customer retention rates and increased transactions on your current ATM because the consumer can load their funds to their debit card and then use your ATM to get immediate cash. Your Money Transfer Kiosk can easily pay for itself in just the first two to four months. Merchant Kiosk Program >

For the consumer, our Money Transfer Kiosks deliver a full portfolio of financial services at the LOWEST fees possible - and they will choose your store over your competitors - and also the flood of check cashing and money transfer stores who have been charging them way too much for way too long. They will also tell all of their friends and family members about your kiosk and they will also come to your store. Not only will you have an increase of traffic, and expanded use of your kiosk, they will also purchase in-store products. To find out more on how consumers save up to 75% over current fees on a wide range of products, please visit our main consumer website:
Send Money Global Consumer Website >

In addition to our merchant-owned and corporate-owned kiosks, we have also opened Money Transfer Kiosk purchase to individual buyers looking for an ongoing and substantial revenue stream. When you purchase Money Transfer Kiosks, we will locate the high traffic locations for you - locations with a high population of the unbanked taget audience. You will receive a percentage of all net from all Narrowcast, AdServe and Financial Services revenue. Like the merchant, you will also be provided admin access for real-time remote performance monitoring - so you always know exactly how each of your kiosks are doing at any given moment. Through our Kiosk ID (KID) and User ID (UID) program, you will continue to receive revenue from that user - even if they stop using the kiosk and begin using the online or mobile app. In addition, when any of your kiosk users refer a family member or friend, those referred will also be attached to your originating kiosk - even if they use our online or mobile app and never use your kiosk.  
  Our Branded Kiosks Wraps and Narrowcast provides an incredible opportunity for a National Brand. When an Advertiser purchases Money Transfer Kiosks, we provide a visually-impactful brand-wrap application combined with upper screen advertising - and we place the kiosks in high-traffic geographical locations to reach specific target audience demographics. In addition to your brand taking center stage, you will receive a percentage of all net revenue produced from your kiosks. Your merchant locations will also receive a percentage of all net revenue. This is the ONLY in-store branding and Narrowcast that pays you back each and every month.
Partner with a brand you know and trust - with our Valpak UI Screen. View Our Valpak Model >

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